Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ally Quest

Love my membership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation!  It keeps me up to date with news in the preservation world, introduces me to new places, and helps support the kind of historic preservation that's important to me.

I found Ally Quest as I was "thumbing" through my E Newsletter from the Trust.  At first glance I thought this would be me and my blog on video.  Travel and history - Ally's thing and mine.  But if you know me and my blog and check out Ally and her video, we're not exactly twin like.  Yet we evidently do have something in common.

As Ally says: "Experience what it's like to live in another decade.  Explore towns that time has forgotten, restaurants that are really relics of the past, hotels with a place in history, significant spots that still exist today and hold a real glimpse into another time."  Those are all things I like to do on my vacations.  I've just narrowed down my chronicling to house museums.

Check out Ally's episode on Catalina Island that features the Inn on Mt Ada, a Wrigley Mansion. Then take a look at my blog entry on the Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix, AZ.  (4/6/09)

I've sent her a link to my blog.  Why not?  It's a great source for future Ally Quest episodes.  You'll be the first I'll shout out to if anything develops.  Is there a video guest appearance in my future??

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