Monday, September 22, 2014

Merchant's House Museum

New York, New York

Now's the time to visit the Merchant's House Museum in NoHo.  According to the Sunday New York Times an eight story hotel is about to go up next door and if the house shifts just a quarter of an inch during construction extensive damage could be caused to the house's plaster moldings.

I thought of visiting several times in the last 3 years but waited because there was always some part of the house closed off for renovation.  Maybe that was the pre-emptive work that the article talks about.

The Merchant's House is one of 23 member sites of the Historic House Trust of New York City.  The Trust's website gives you an introduction to their homes and a link to individual websites.

Take a look at the Times article and if you're interested let me know.  We can visit together before the the ceiling starts falling down.