Monday, January 3, 2011

At Home With house Museums of London

I've found another lover of house museums!! For sure there's more than the two of us but we're not well organized, not vocal, and certainly not as common as streetlights. (Keep reading to unravel this strange analogy.)

A recent Sunday NY Times (Jan 2, 2011) had a wonderful full page article on the many house museums of London. Four are featured and examined fully by the author Andrew Ferran. All four sound fascinating and without a doubt on my list of places to visit the next time I'm in London.

The most intriguing line in the article, the one that makes me giddy and ready to pack my bags is "House museums are to London what streetlights are to most other cities, which is to say everywhere." Think of all those house tours!

While I loved reading the article I wasn't immediately aware that I'd bumped into another lover of house museums but some vague familiarity about the article sent me back to my files. The London article reminded me of a newspaper clipping I had saved in my Washington DC House museum file. I pulled it out for another look.

It's a Feb.1,2009 article entitled "It's Home Sweet Museum in Washington". Maybe you remember it? And the author is the same Andrew Ferran. Read the articles. You'll feel his interest and love of the homes and his joy in sharing them with you. Then you can add another 14 to your list of homes to tour. When spring arrives we'll be ready with our lists of "must sees" for 2011.